CL (Ceriporia Lamaritus) 관련 논문 자료

  • Ceriporialacerata균사체배양물의혈당강하활성평가

  • Crude extract of Ceriporia lacerata has a protective effect on dexamethasone-induced cytotoxicity in INS-1 cells via the modulation of PI3KPKB activity

  • Effect of submerged_culture of
    Ceriporia lacerata mycelium on GLUT4 protein in dbdb mouse

  • Hyperglycemic Effect of Submerged Culture Extract of Ceriporia

  • 세리포리아 락세라타 버섯의 균사체 액체 배양을 통한 세포외다당체 생산 및 항당뇨효과